My Philosophies


About Me: A sound designer, audio producer, composer and live sound engineer, currently based in Huddersfield in the UK. Graduate of the prestigious Music Department at the University of Huddersfield, with a degree in Creative Music Technology, with strong elements of film scoring and sound design for the moving image.


Mission: To bring an appreciation of the art of sound design into popular consciousness; sound being not merely the result of the image and action on screen, but a story of its own, in interplay with image, but also independent from it, with the ability to drive narrative. To integrate sound thinking into all stages of the film making process; at pre-production, during production, and at post production.


Ethic: A passion for unique and boundary-pushing sound design, mixing and editing, using innovative and subversive techniques — not just to fill in spaces where sound ought to fit, but to create new spaces, new stories, new meanings.